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GM Keys Information


GM Keys has every GM key blank and GM key fob in stock ready to be cut to your GM's factory key code. If another locksmith has already changed your ignition cylinder from the GM factory ignition cylinder, we will not be able to produce you a GM key based on the VIN number.

GM Keys can make you a new GM key if your ignition was previously changes through our GM Roadside Locksmith Service. We will dispatch one of our GM locksmith's to your location and make a new GM key for you on the spot. If you are a AAA member they will even pay for our services.

GM Key Fob Information

Your GM key fob is the remote control you use to lock and unlock your GM. GM Keys has Key fobs in stock for every GM on the road today. You will have to program your new GM key fob to your GM once you receive it. Programming your new GM key fob is fast and easy. It takes less than 10 minutes to program your new GM key fob and does not require any technical skills or knowledge. GM Keys will provide you with step by step instructions to program your new GM key fob. All of our GM Key fobs are $50 plus shipping.

You can order our GM Roadside Locksmith Service if you would like our GM locksmith to program your new GM key fob for you.